Monday, April 8, 2013

Worse Than They Say

Claire Gordon at AOL on how the number of jobless is actually worse than what is reported in mainstream media. Remember, government records only count those who are without jobs and are actively looking for work. That is, of course, no where near a full representation of the entire demographic. Have a look.


  1. Great find, CA. The article does a good job by not only touching on those who are discouraged and dropped out of the labor market but also includes those who are underemployed, working in jobs that are below their skill level, on a part-time basis, for little money, and often with no benefits or job security.

    One of the new favored tactics of employers is to misclassify workers as independent contractors so they can avoid providing health care benefits, etc.

  2. Exactly Mr. John. As for the "favored tactics" you mention, I'm unfortunate enough to say that nearly everyone in my close circle (myself included) has been subjected to that for quite some time. Not exactly as independent contractors, but rather along the lines of "high part-time" or some nonsense like that; I had employers use that status to justify a full-time schedule while denying benefits. "Part-time hours with full-time during high season". And high season happens to go for seven months straight.