Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What I'm Happy About

When President Obama was announced the winner yesterday, I did not feel like celebrating. Let's face it, both candidates pretty much believe in the same thing, in spite of all the garbage spewed on the Rupert Murdoch media empire. Obama and the Democrats have shown to be just as neoliberal and jingo as their opponents; elaborating on the latter, Obama's supporters rightfully woe over Romney's desire to attack Iran, but seem oblivious (or even supportive) over Obama's eying of Syria. The question to me was not "will we invade a country in the next four years", but rather "which country will it be".

With all that said, there is plenty I am happy about. With their relentless tactics and growing neoliberal and autocratic extremism, Romney and his supporters needed to lose this election. Although the popular vote was disturbingly close, the Tea Party fueled GOP was dealt the defeat needed to at least slow down our downward spiral.

Yes, I am happy that Romney has lost.

I am happy that Paul Ryan will not be VP, although he will still infest Congress with his horrible bills of Objectivist austerity. And I'm still concerned about his new publicity; positive or negative, it can still be a stepping stone for him to run for POTUS in the future.

I am happy that the Tea Party has taken a few punches in the face with the loss of Scott Brown and Allen West, in addition to not having a Tea Party friendly President.

I am happy that the GOP SuperPACs and their endless amount of money from their corporate leash holders suffered defeat. All that money...

I am happy that all the despicable, relentless tactics used by the GOP to influence voters, OPSEC Team swiftboating, restrictive voter laws, voter intimidation by David Siegel (among others), were in the end not enough.

I am happy that the birthers lost, which is always a treat. Anything that makes Orly Taitz and Donald Trump squirm.

I am happy that the Ayn Rand doctrine of hating those who are not rich has been rejected and will not enter the White House.

I guess there are several things to be happy about. Things could be a lot better; as I mentioned before, the popular vote was far too disturbingly close to be a good sign, and Ryan and Bachmann are still in Congress. However, a Romney win would have been so much worse.

I am not celebrating, there is nothing to celebrate. But I am breathing a huge sigh of relief.


  1. I agree with you. I am not a fan of Obama, but I am glad that the GOP was robbed of an opportunity to say that the American people have spoken and endorsed their brand of politics.

  2. Exactly right, Mr. John. I can't even think about the license a Romney win would have given the GOP.

    Thank you both for your thoughts.